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Culture's Ten Commandments
(being a free English translation of some very literary Norwegian)

1. Diluting the definition of culture is artless
Good cultural policy maintains a definition of culture that has a basis in art. A wise politician works for interchange between culture and areas of society, but not for demands for prevention and commerce to be placed on culture.

2. When cultural dogs lie in the manger, it remains empty
We want politicians who do not continue to exploit unnecessary conflicts in the cultural sphere, but who promote a climate of cooperation.

3. If you want to get ahead in the world, play leapfrog!
Politicians responsible for education and culture must be aware of the need for formation of playful, creative citizens who have woken their muse within.

4. All that blisters is not mould.
Our own confusion about new art forms must not lead to cultural policy that prohibits innovation.

5. Culture is both creation and reawakening.
Necessary initiatives for innovation must not displace the reawakening and communication of tradition that benefits artists, performers and audiences alike.

6. Generations - unite!
Initiatives aimed at both children and young people must go hand in hand with cultural initiatives at the places where different age groups meet and mix.

7. Being yourself is not enough
Wise cultural policy operates within all aspects of cultural identities.

8. Time is money in the bank
We want politicians who can see the difference between cultural work and bureaucracy, who realise that quality takes time and who see investment opportunities in time in all of their activity.

9. Necessity is the mother of bus conductors
We want politicians who can ensure that the cultural activities are not dependent on raffles and handouts for finance. Our aim must be increases in financing up to a level that Norway, as a cultural nation, can be proud of.

10. Legislate unto another as you would be legislated by
We challenge politicians to make political statements about how the right of the population to culture can be ensured in times of tight municipal and regional funding.

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